India travel wishlist 2016

Traveling is like having cold water in hot summer. You can never have enough of it! Despite of traveling almost every 3 months to countless number of places, I still yearn to see many more. I want to experience every beautiful vision that India has to offer. I want to write stories, experience cultures, meet people and know of so many things that I am currently unaware of!

Here’s my travel wishlist and if any of your wishlist coincides with this one, hop along and let’s plan a trip soon 🙂


  1. Rann of Kutch: India’s largest white desert! And despite of being in that region for a year or two, I’ve never made it there 😦 I’ve seen some breathtaking pictures of those who’ve been there. Vast expanse of salt pans, countless stars – it’s magic on earth (which ends up looking like the moon). Kutch is also known for it’s embroidery and handicrafts and also people, who are resilient and can brave extreme and harsh conditions there. 2016 WINTER – This one’s dedicated to the Rann for sure. Rann-kutch
  2. Hampi Ruins in Karnataka: The Hampi ruins are a photographer’s delight. A beautiful place with stone structures and has been declared a world heritage site. It has some absolutely beautiful stay options around as well. I’d love to watch sunset at Hampi! -87287_7166
  3. Getting lost in the coffee plantations/tea plantations at Conoor: I’ve heard a lot about this quaint and green hill station in the south of India. Much like Assam, it’s dense with coffee and tea plantations. How I’d love to just breathe green beneath a pure blue sky!! Can’t wait!!tea_849849f
  4. The other side of Goa: Yes, I am not the party person who’d love to stick around at Baga Beach. I’d definitely want to go to Goa – to the village side of it. Where quaint homes, freshly baked breads, the morning milkman make their way to a simple, amazing and fresh life! COLVA_1247533f
  5. Wayanad and Periyar in Kerela: Again one of the greenest states in India, I’ve been here when I was a kid! But now I want to go and experience it all over again. The sanctuaries, the greens, the dense beauty and still waters. What a dream sight will it be!one_of_the_richest_in_biodiverity_in_the_entitre_stretch_of_western_ghats
  6. Dehradun-Mussourie: Again I’ve been here as a kid and remember fresh memories of hot piping food at road side dhabas, freshly cooked jaggery, amazing waterfalls and endless hills. Dehradun and Mussourie hang in there! I’ll come soon!Mussoorie-Adventure-Park-in-Mussoorie
  7. Orissa: I’ve been to a very small part of Orissa for a shoot. And boy, it was untouched and virgin and how! Absolutely pure scenic beauty. I’d love to explore more in that state, which hoists the sun temple, puri beach and many other wonders – not to mention, Olive Ridley Turtles as well 🙂ofrssa
  8. Konkan belt: Be it Ratnagiri, Dapoli – Konkan’s beauties have been described to us almost like bed time stories! Lush green, lustrously appealing, Konkan belt and it’s spicy malwani/konkani food is gonna be a must have/go for me! maha3
  9. Pondicherry: The small magical french town that everyone’s loved! And I haven’t seen it yet 😦 I’d definitely love to go there for a visit – especially to the Arbindo Ashram! French_Consulate,_Pondicherry.jpg
  10. Kolkata: The metro of the east that I haven’t seen yet! Just to eat the puchkas, juicly sweet rosogullas, sondesh and spend an evening by the Howrah bridge. Oh man! Howrah_Bridge_Kolkata3


That’s quite a long wishlist. I’ve left it to 10 because – well.. let’s atleast finish that 🙂 But I am sure there’s much more to add – albeit the obvious ones like north east India, Ladakh, some parts of Rajasthan, Kodaikanal etc. etc.

What’s your wishlist like?

Sources: Tripoto,, Orissa Govt Website, Hindu and Hindu Business Line, Google images

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