The traveler



My name is Drashti Buch and I am a simple looking unassuming 30 year old who actually has quite a fun and evil side to her :). Since past 2-3 years, I’ve been bitten hard by the travel bug and I make it a point to travel once in 3 months within India. It’s been crazy, from being someone who waited patiently for some 10 people to agree for a trip to being someone who now just jumps into random trips organized by random groups at random places – it has been a fantastic experience. Apart from travel I also write on movies, food and random experiences which you can checkout at

The purpose of this blog is clearly- and very clearly to inspire more people – who like me always think ‘Oh but there’s no time to travel!’ or ‘I wanted to always go there.. but..’ to push them to the edge and get them to travel. Travelling is no rocket science. Your past will always try to bog you down, your future will always have questions unanswered. But what matters is what you do in the present! Now is the time to travel.

Pack your bags! Leave! Now! 🙂